Why You Should Buy An Olhausen Pool Table

Pool is a standout when it comes to the most well-known amusements for men. Although of course, women and people of all ages are delighted too. Anytime there's a Pool championship going on, be rest assured that not a lot of men will be doing anything. But just be staring at their screen. And I think we can all agree that watching someone play from a distance. And having a cue within your reach, are very different experiences. Literally, every bar today has a pool table. All the more places for you to show off your skills.

A wide assortment of pool tables is produced every year. Some manufacturers are selling as low as 300 pieces a year. If you want a table for that one corner in your home, these tables can take care of business at a lesser price. But if you're business or someone who really knows what they're doing. Searching for a manufacturer that runs with a brand that highlights managing your kind of client base. So in case, you're hoping to spruce up your man room - an Olhausen Pool Table ought to be your first decision. All things considered, what can beat a specialized experience of 40 years?

Who started it?

The idea for Olhausen pool tables was born from the minds of two brothers, Butch and Don Olhausen. They were introduced to pool tables since the time they were kids. Their family business company used to help billiards owners assemble and repair pool tables. So they have been in the game even before anyone was playing it. 

And as they grew up, so did their enthusiasm. To the point that they chose to toss everything that they had in the business. To begin with, they bought a pool table brand for close to $1,000.


Presently, they manufacture and sell more than 30,000 tables every year from Portland, Oregon. When they bought this company, it was selling 30 tables per year. They are an overall producer working out of a 250,000 square foot office. How? For the most part, it's because of the quality of the tables they make. With all that first-hand learning as children, the Olhausen siblings know the trade like the back of their hand. Going in directions that most brands wouldn't.

Why is Olhausen the Best in Billiards?

The best, want the best. For this reason alone, the Olhausen Pool Tables were chosen as the Official Table for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Today, the world considers them the pioneer in assembling the "Best in Billiards." If you ever watch the geniuses at play, and you can win a lot of bets guessing what table they're on.

People who've bought Olhausen will always be loyal to them. All their tables use sturdy hardwood with no Veneer or MDF. Neither is the wood stuck together. They use only genuine; sturdy oven dried lumber on both tables.  Olhausen fundamentally uses hard maple from North America. Although all choices are entertained considering they offer customized tables as well.  The Maple, if you choose, is lovely face to face. Their quality is consistent and goes perfectly with the contemporary decor. The pre-constructed "Uniliner" manufactured by Olhausen is its point of differentiation.  Their frames are perfectly stable, and no other company comes even close. 

Quality is Key

Most companies today try to save money with the cushion fillers. Olhausen’s proprietary Accu-Fast cushion comprises 100% unadulterated gum elastic. It guarantees the best and reliable outcome for the price you pay

Every table that they construct is made in the USA. Using the tremendous American hardwoods as well.

What is this exclusive-UNILINER construction?

Once you spend 40 years being good at something, quality is a given. Every last table that they release in the market, the family stands behind it. They selected the UNILINER construction technique after vigorous testing. And found out that the tables made this way hold twice as much weight as any other well-known brands. No questions, Olhausen does seem as though it is made for big people. But they're wonderfully planned and solid. With their exceptional T-NUT rail development, it's great for both amateurs and pros as it offers more exact arrangement and bigger thread grip. 

For Billiards (Variety)

A legit pool lobby should accommodate both pool and billiards players. They can do so by offering tables with and without pockets to suit both kinds of people. But how many brands really manufacture pockets and no pockets?

Olhausen has more than 10 distinct variations to offer for billiards room. As opposed to Diamond. Because all their models are durable, they vary in is the design, value, quality, among other things. Olhausen has never been known to made lousy quality products.

Now different people, different taste. From amongst their wide variety, you are bound to fall in love with that perfect one. Whether it's from the decadent Select series, the Professional series. Or the current Modern series they rolled out.

Can I build my own table?

Most brands? No.

 At Olhausen? Absolutely!

Why they do this is to enable customers to choose everything.

From the sort of classification

  • Harley-Davidson Series
  • Tournament Series
  • Signature Series.

You can additionally pick the

  • Kind of finish
  • Kind of rail
  • Personalized logo
  • The pocket style
  • The color of fabric
  • Even the types of wood you want.

Everything is selected by you.

The most important highlights for a quality playing surface is the quality of slates. Ask any expert pool players. Who also agrees? The Olhausens. These are the reasons they're so widely acclaimed. For the playing surfaces, they use the Original Italian Slate. They're made utilizing the best procedures to guarantee that it is diamond cut, delivered and installed well. This ensures a flawless, level surface. 

Offering customization means a lot of extra work. Having your name behind the products the customer chose means consistently delivering quality. You have to have the best manufacturing standards. Lifetime guarantee as they already do. Improving products every step of the way. Need I say more? It's conspicuous that purchasing an OlhausenPool Table is the best decision.

To Conclude

The entirety of the Olhausen pool table is sketched and designed with care. They all are manufactured in the USA and come with a lifetime guarantee. They already offer more than 52 models and 39 types of wood finish. You can even have a tailor-made nameplate engraved as per your choice. If that wasn't enough, there's the option to customize. Go gaga with your choice of cloth, apron, legs, rails, and pockets. With some further expense, you can include a ball return or a drawer. In general, a great many people would be fortunate to have any Olhausen Pool Table.  If you like the choice of being able to build your own table. Or choose your own rail and rail sites.  Or the wood finish. Or just the fact that it's made in the greatest country in the world. Pool Tables from the Olhausen is a simple decision.


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